Objective: To analyze the role information generation plays in the lifetime of systems and to characterize the interrelatedness of cognition, communication and co-operation in the perspective of both society and individuals being evolutionary systems; to evaluate the civilizational crises from an evolutionary systems view and to investigate whether globalization is an indicator of a metasystem to come; to depict the function of informatization in this respect; to describe the effects of egoism, altruism, solidarism on the evolution of humanity; to consider the co-evolution of mankind and nature in terms of evolutionary systems

Schedule: months 13-36

- Kiev (Dobronravova),
- Moscow (Stepin, Arshinov, Budanov, Moskalev, Voitsekhovich),
- Vienna (Hofkirchner)

Responsibility: Moscow

Expected results: A concept of information and communication in the context of evolution, laid down in articles