INTAS Seminar Vienna, Vienna (November 7-8, 2002)

The aim of this meeting was a clarification of open points of discussion between the teams from Vienna and Kassel. Organisational topics like how to improve co-operation, the Moscow brochure. efforts to publish articles and a new electronic journal of the Vienna UTI group were discussed. Open questions on the topics emergence, the notion of mechani(ci)sm and onto-epistemology were discussed.


John Collier
Günther Ellersdorfer
Christian Fuchs
Inga Gammel
Wolfgang Hofkirchner
Tarja Kallio-Tamminen
Bert Klauninger
Klaus Kornwachs
Sabine Ley
Franz Ofner
Annette Schlemm
Gottfried Stockinger
Doris Zeilinger
Rainer Zimmermann

The following talks were held and the questions raised discussed:

Doris Zeilinger: Ernst Bloch’s Interpretation of Spinoza

Annette Schlemm: Different Types of Thinking about Different Things

Christian Fuchs and Gottfried Stockinger: The Autocreation of Communication and the Re-creation of Actions in Social Systems

Günther Ellersdorfer and John Collier: The Self-Organisation of Living Systems