Project Preparation Meeting in Vienna July 11th, 1999 – July 13th, 1999


This was the first official meeting of the project members and was intended to exchange scientific views of self-organisation and draft a joint research proposal. It take place at the Institute of Design and Technology Assessment at the Vienna University of Technology. As a result a first project proposal was produced that was submitted to the INTAS-program. After one redraft it was accepted in early 2001 and achieved excellent marks in the evaluation process. It had ranking two in the evaluation procedure there were 19 projects out of 90 funded in the fields of economics, human and social sciences. Thus, the success rate was less than 20 %.


Wolfgang Hofkirchner
Christian Fuchs

Rainer Zimmermann

Irina Dobronravova

Vladimir Budanov
Vjacheslav Voitsekhovich


Monday, July 12th:
first round of talks, everyone gave a short overview of the research
he/she is doing. Afterwards specific talks of everyone about the research that will be contributed to the INTAS project. Discussion of the common objectives of the INTAS project.

Tuesday, July 13th:
Recapitulation of the main common objectives of the project; discussion of the following topics:
- How many person months/years will be contributed be each involved team
- technical and organisational details on submitting the proposal
- evaluation criteria we will have to fulfil
- summarisation of the project-objectives
- justification for undertaking the project
- listing of tasks and sub-tasks plus identifying time schedule, input, output, objectives, methodologies, success criteria, the teams involved and the responsible team for each task deliverables: reports, etc.
- management: identification out the participants in each task, starting points of the tasks and their duration
- costs
- co-ordination of the proposal-preparation