Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.; has studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology in the years 1994-2000; doctoral studies in technical science in 2000-2002, has specialised himself in the fields of sociology of technology, technology assessment and self-organisation; lecturer and research associate at the Institute of Design and Technology Assessment at the Vienna University of Technoloy; current research project: “Human Strategies in Complexity”;
Publications: “Crisis and Criticism in the Information Society” (2002, in German: Krise und Kritik in der Informationsgesellschaft”); “Social Self-Organisation in Information-Societal Capitalism” (2001, German title: “Soziale Selbstorganisation im informationsgesellschaftlichen Kapitalismus”); co-editor of “Stufen zur Informationsgesellschaft. Festschrift zum 65. Geburtstag von Klaus Fuchs-Kittowski“ (with Christiane Floyd and Wolfgang Hofkirchner)

Specialist Field
    Informatics and Society
    Systems thinking
    Self-Organization of Social Systems
Member of Sub-Tasks
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