The Moscow team is located at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Science. Academician of Russian Academy of Science, Professor Vjacheslav Stepin will be the team leader. He is Director of the Institute of Philosophy. Professor Stepin is a wellknown scientist in the area of philosophy of science. He made valuable contributions to the methodology of physics as well as to a culturological understanding of science. Recently he has been drawing his attention to the philosophical foundations of Synergetics. He created in his institute the special Laboratory of Philosophy of Synergetics.

The head of this Laboratory, Dr. Vladimir Arshinov, and the academic staff Dr. Vladimir Budanov and Prof. Vjacheslav Vojtzechovich will belong to the Moscow team. Dr. Vladimir Arshinov has just defended his second dissertation, devoted to the consideration of Synergetics in its communicative aspect. Vladimir Budanov is doctor of physics, he has been collaborating for many years with Vladimir Arshinov, investigating principles of Synergetics. They are authors of many articles on the topic, devoted to the synergetical approach to society and nature, language and internet.

The Moscow team is going to make its contribution to all tasks of the project.