The Kiev team is located at the Kiev National Shevchenko University. Professor Iryna Dobronravova will be the team leader. She is Head of the Chair of Philosophy and Methodology of Science, which is part of the Philosophical Department of the University. Professor Dobronravova, by education physicist, works in the area of the philosophy of science. During the last ten years she has been investigating philosophical foundations of Synergetics as transdisciplinary research programme in nonlinear science. In particular, she studied the changes in the ontological foundations of the new world picture. Now she is working on methodological aspects of nonlinear science development.

Yury Melkov (Yuriy Myelkov) is Candidate of Sciences in Philosophy (like Ph.D.). Melkov graduated 1999 at the Philosophical Department of Kiev University with diploma, devoted to the fact-value dichotomy in different philosophical traditions. His dissertation is about the methodological understanding of facts in nonlinear science. He is currently a Research Fellow at "Center for Practical Philosophy" (a Non-profit Charity Organization in Kiev).

Tetjana Bilous (31 years old) will also work in the team. She is assistant professor at the Chair of Philosophy and Methodology of Science. She graduated at the Philosophical Department of the Kiev National Shevchenko University with the diploma "Proportional Attitudes and Compositional Semantics". She will study "Description and Explanation as Epistemic Norms in Non-linear Science".

The Kiev team will focus on the role of causality in the becoming of a new whole in sub-task 1.1, on the methodological principles of synergetics in sub-task 1.2, on description and explanation problems in nonlinear studies in sub-task 1.3, and on the dichotomy of facts and values in nonlinear science in the context of human-nature co-evolution in sub-task 3.1.